Alycia is an author, an editor, a blogger, and the owner of Wedshock.

On her quest to become an entrepreneur, she’s had hundreds of bad ideas, a few failed businesses and plenty of opportunities to learn humility. But the dream never died (despite multiple assassination attempts). She started Wedshock, a newlywed lifestyle brand, in July 2013 when she realized all of the fairy tales and romantic comedies had been lying to her—there was way more to marriage than happily ever after. Since then, she’s been in the business of preparing brides and cheering on newlyweds because she believes a generation of strong, selfless and honest marriages can change the world. By June 2016, she was able to go full time on the venture, and she hasn’t stopped humming to herself since.

Alycia and her husband live in New York above a publishing company that doesn’t print her books despite her persuasive baking efforts.

For all inquiries, you can reach her by email: aly [at] wedshock [dot] com